Aster Home Care

Night Care

Our services enable partners to stay in their own home environment. Research indicates that elders who remain dwelling in their home live longer and healthier lives than those placed in nursing homes. Even independent people need assistance from time to time. By having the assistance of a night nurse, you will have peace of mind and the extra support when you need it.

We are the eyes and ears and the extra pair of hands for when the family can’t be there. That warm drink at night, that tuck into bed, the reassuring comforter, we can do this and more. We provide fall prevention, pain relief, aid for the vison impaired, and preserving dignity and comfort with incontinence mishaps. It can be as simple as helping our partner to the bathroom at 2am rather than stumbling around alone in the dark.

A person’s location of care can vastly influence their health and well-being. Aster Home Care also acknowledges the added benefits of one-to-one attention and have created an alternative to assist the ageing population to be cared for at night.