Aster Home Care

Wound Care

Wound care is much more than putting a Band-Aid on a wound or changing a dressing. Wound care is about providing the right environment for healing through the use of both direct and indirect methods in conjunction with the prevention of skin breakdown. It means looking into the patient’s general health, lifestyle and factors that might slow healing down.

When we look at wound care, we consider the causes and how it affects long-term repair. We predict the healing phase of the wound and any foreseeable problems that we might prevent. We understand differing complexities of healing due to medication, skin integrity, diabetes, and other comorbidities.

Our nurses provide all kinds of wound care for our partners. The wounds may be the result of a simple surgical procedure such as mole or skin cancer removal and healing typically proceeds in an orderly and timely fashion. Examples of acute wounds include a cut, graze or burn. Chronic and more Complex wounds include leg ulcers, pressure injuries and diabetic wounds.