Aster Home Care

Palliative Care

We nurture and support people through the final stages of life. Palliative care aims to improve the quality of life for our partners and their family. Our primary goal is to maximise partner comfort and dignity by keeping them in their own home with their well-established habits and creature comforts. This may even include providing ways for our partners to maintain a social life outside of the home.

We provide reassurance to patients, care givers and family through monitoring, evaluation, and review, alongside the doctor’s direction.

Our palliative care is holistic, individualised and family-centred. Because we consider the whole patient, including their personality and personal proclivities, the decisions we make in determining care plans evolve to accommodate not only health needs, but the wishes and desires of both family and partner.

Aster Home Care has formal mechanisms available to support family members during bereavement. We provide high quality care throughout the end stages of life.

When your family comes to us for palliative care, our way of caring is unique to that patient’s narrative. We honour their life by providing unique touches that will encapsulate the essence of their identity, discovered in conversations with friends and family and the partner, as they prepare for this phase.

Our experienced team can provide empathy and guidance to the bereaved and respect and reverence for the deceased. At all times we aim to preserve dignity.