Aster Home Care

Complex Wound Care

Complex wound care may take the form of treating or managing more chronic types of wounds. Chronic wounds impose significant and often underappreciated burden to the individual, causing pain, loss of mobility, distress, embarrassment, and social isolation.

A chronic wound is one that has failed to heal effectively within a period of three months or has healed in a way that it is not functionally sufficient. Complications of chronic wounds can be serious and include infection, gangrene, haemorrhage, and limb amputations.

Examples of chronic wounds include ulcers, pressure injuries and diabetic wounds. We also care for, incontinent dermatitis, burns, diabetic ulcers, skin tears, and suprapubic catheter care (SPC).

The holistic approach of the Aster Home Care nurses means that the patient’s emotional and psychological health is factored in to preserve their dignity and reduce the stress associated with wounds.